Thursday Afternoon

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We are on stage in St. Louis and the soundcheck has started. I found Wi-Fi and am blogging from the front, i.e. sitting on my Eames chair while madness ensues all around me….

Alan, our FOH engineer (that’s Front of House for the uninitiated) killed the Guitar Rig by calling it without balls, and we are back to the Pod Pro now. It might be an internal EQ thing, but it’s nothing I want to try to solve right now. I did record something with the Guitar Rig and was very pleased, but some things work very well in the studio and not so well on stage… and vice cersa.

I was going to use this Gnome as a table for my laptop, but then decided to take this table:

But, since we are not using the Guitar Rig for now, I guess we will play cards on the table…..

We tried 4 new microphones in 2 different positions around the flamenco guitar and that was no improvement. Back to the old microphone set-up for tonight, but tomorrow we should receive another Shure KSM141 for some additional experimentation.


  1. Adam Solomon

    OL–Is a lot of experimentation being done with that microphone situation, atm? As in, testing different microphones in different positions with acoustic instruments and seeing which provides the best quality, crispest sound, and why?

    Referring to professional research, as in the kind of stuff that gets published in papers + journals, btw…:)

  2. dave

    I noticed on Robert Fripp’s diary that he has been using the Guitar Rig recently. So you’re in good company.

  3. susanne

    What does ‘calling without balls’ mean ?
    (I must be uninitiated…) :) -susanne

  4. Carol

    I like that table. How about a nice photo of you all playing cards on it….don’t give away anyone’s hand though.
    And the gnome would go nicely with my two flamingos.

  5. Carolynn

    I love Carol’s comment!

    Seeing the gnome on the stage would totally crack me up!

  6. Adam Solomon

    Carol–Do you mean Ottmar, the nouveau flamingo?

  7. Carol

    Any time he wants to come to my yard he sure can. That’d be real nice…

  8. Carol

    If you Google for “Ottmar Liebert flamingo” you find a lot of people who don’t know the difference between flamingo and flamenco. Lot of poor spellers besides me I guess.

  9. Carol

    I agree, Carolyn. I can just see that gnome patiently holding Ottmar’s Nestle’s water bottle on stage or some other equally vital task.

  10. Carolynn

    Yup! That just makes me giggle, Carol!


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