Mehdi Spam Update

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Go to and search Listmania with keyword nostressexress. You will find 12 lists that I would guess are all by the same spam-guy…

Are you surprised that the list entitled most requested New Age Music on the Radio is lead by……… Mehdi?


  1. Carol

    I was happy to see he’s not commenting about “La Semana” now.

  2. Carol

    There’s a real way to succeed, and then there’s this kind of attempt to sneak in. If he sells one or two, he’s always going to wonder if he could have done it with the music alone. It’s sad.
    I can’t find it. I’m not so good at searching I guess. At least I’ve learned what listmania is.

  3. Victor

    On Aug. 25 you reported that a Google of “thanks for the introduction to mehdi” yeilded 1,570 hits. Today that same search yeilded 1,820 hits. 250 additional spams in 16 days averages to 15.625 per day. Now we know what Mehdi spends his days doing!


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