Kora + Robby

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Robby just broke a string on his Kora and will need to find Fishing line in Chicago tomorrow – that’s what is used on a Kora. No Kora tonight.


  1. Victor

    Whew! For a second there I thought Robby was going to have to kill a cat.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Victor, that’s random!! :) lol…Sorry, Chicago folks! You’ll have an awesome show, anyway :D

  3. james

    Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters Limited
    1729 N Clybourn Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614
    (312) 944-3474

    fairly close to park west

  4. Victor

    What?! I thought it was common knowledge that stringed instruments use “cat gut” strings – or at least used to. OK, maybe that’s more of a common myth than knowledge. In any case, where you gonna find a string for a Kora in a pinch?? Apparently at the sporting goods store! Which makes me think that maybe it was Ron Popeil who actually invented the Kora. Oh never mind – this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to blog. :-(

  5. Carolynn

    Keep on blogging, Victor. You made me laugh!

  6. Ottmar

    Victor is correct. Cat-gut was used on guitars, lutes, violins, violas and celli. These strings were very hard to keep in tune and had a mellower sound. See the Simply Baroque series with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Yo-Yo Ma.

  7. Victor

    Thanks Carolynn! Probably better not to encourage me though! ;-) Anyway, sorry Robby and Ottmar about the string situation! I’m sure the show will be great anyway! And now you’ve got a line on a string in Chicago. Looks like JC is your Savior! Oh heck, there I go again – I’ll just go sit quietly in the corner for a while…


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