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I noticed that In the Arms of Love and The Santa Fe Sessions were added to iTunes this week. Yeah!!

We still don’t know if or when nouveaumatic or La Semana might be added, but if you read this diary you already know that it is much more difficult for tiny little SSRI to get an album added to iTunes than it is for giant EMI, who currently license In the Arms of Love and The Santa Fe Sessions from us.

Explanation: EMI own Virgin, who own Narada, who administer all Higher Octave music.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Awesome!! :) Wait, ITAOL and SFS aren’t SSRI releases? I could’ve sworn…

    I mean, both are on the SSRI website. None of the other big company albums are, from Little Wing and back…..

  2. Ottmar

    The ITAOL and TSFS albums are owned by SSRI, but licensed to Higher Octave until 2007 and 2008 respectively. 33rd Street has the right to manufacture and distribute La Semana for 3 years, but they do not have rights to the digital sales. That means that it is up to SSRI to get the new album onto iTunes. A little confusing, I know….


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