On the road again….

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Everybody is packing furiously… I haven’t started yet, but have piles everywhere…

The usual little problems: the bus company forgot to tell one of the drivers to switch to condo-bunks.

What’s a condo-bunks you ask? Often busses run with 12 bunks, and I have heard of busses having as many as 12 crew members in bunks and another 4-6 sleeping in the lounge or on the floor – yikes…

Well, we remember our days of touring in a van and being driver, crew and band all rolled into one, and therefore like to be a little more civilized. Where some busses have 3 bunks on top of each other, we like to have 2 bunks. It means you have a lot more space above your head and it doesn’t feel like a coffin… Anyway, when you have only two bunks vertically – instead of three – it is called condo-bunks

We’ll switch to the condo-bunk configuration tomorrow.

We have two new Kora parts for the show – an intro to the intro for Snakecharmer and an interlude for Santa Fe. The band sounds great! Yesterday we played through the whole set and nobody was to play any solos. We made it through a basic no-solo un-improvised version of Duende del Amor in about 3 minutes – instead of the 20 minute version we play in our show…

Gotta go and pack…


Reminder: join our Flickr Pool – see the Link on the right side – and upload any and all photos of our concerts, or anything relating to us in any way, so everyone can enjoy them. Disclaimer: I cannot change venue policy and some places do not allow any photography. Disclaimer 2: Please DO NOT USE FLASH as it is very distracting. The first thing everybody should learn about their camera is how to turn off the damn flash! It makes all colours look awful anyway and you should never use it – unless somebody puts a gun to your head….. then it is OK….. but not at our concerts!


  1. Adam Solomon

    Very cool, the Flickr account–people, check the account on the night of 9-26, I’ll be uploading pics in real time!

    And an intro to the infamous Snakecharmer intro? Can’t wait!!!!!! Also looking forward to hearing Santa Fe for the first time :D And Duende del Amor is incredible live, up there with Heart Still/Beating, Ocean Blvd., and others as my favorites from the 2003 tour.

  2. Sebastian

    You’re so lucky Adam! ;)
    I will set up the ftp for you right away.

    P.S I am Dan. I’ve just changed my name. That’s all.

  3. salma

    Ottmar, have a safe and successful tour. Looking forward to the concert.

  4. Matt Callahan

    Stay safe guys.

    No Tucson show, huh. Are you really going to make me drive all the way to El Paso? By myself? Uphill, both ways…

  5. Nancy

    Safe Travel! I am looking forward to all the concert photos everyone posts.

  6. David Jr.

    Happy trails! Good luck on the second leg. Watch out for the ‘Barcelona Nights’ dancin’ lady, every show has one! (too bad venues enforce the “you can’t shake booty policy”, it’s hard to do so sitting down)

    *lol* @ Dan. Can I change my name, too?


  7. Adam Solomon

    lol!! The “Barcelona Nights’ dancin’ lady” was right next to me at B.B. Kings last year! Everyone was up and dancing……and looking back at that show, it wasn’t even the best song OL played, IMO (that distinction could go to Ballad 4 Santana, Funky Poet, Ocean Blvd., Heart Still/Beating, or many others!)

  8. Brad

    I agree with Matt… We need a Tucson show!! If i didnt have school I might have been trecking to EL Paso as well.

  9. Adam Solomon

    I feel you, Brad! Luckily, OL is playing 2 shows in Manhattan this month, but I’d still see one or two more if it weren’t for school committments ;)

  10. Panj

    Bon Voyage Ottmar and Luna Negra…may the road rise to meet you…:-)
    I have a quick question…does the allowance of these phone cameras (without flash) mean that one can use a 35mm (without flash)? After all, there are some of us who are just now finding appreciation of the wheel:-)
    May loads of laughs and love keep close to you guys! Adios

  11. Carolynn

    Thank God for Panj and Matt, our resident word-smiths!


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