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Carol has been playing detective and found a thread about Thom Jurek, who apparently writes many reviews for the All Music Guide.

Has anyone else come across this guy’s totally incomprehensible reviews on AMG, particularly on free-jazz?

Hm, sounds like an interesting fellow with a wide ranging taste in music.

Update: More on the life of a critic here and last but not least, another critique of the critic.
Thanks Victor

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  1. Victor

    Right on Carol! After the review that Ottmar posted by this guy I just dismissed him as some part-time wannabe critic. Turns out he’s apparently a professional and has been writing reviews for 20 years! I Googled his name and found this little bio page:

    Also found this critique of the critic:

    Just because he makes a living writing doesn’t mean his reviews are valuable to anyone. I guess some people just buy into the fluff-factor!


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