Prius versus Hydrogen

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Purists can wait for hydrogen. The market can’t.

Good article in Wired mag. I think it is pretty obvious that we need to take every small step forward available to us. A Hybrid with 50mpg in your hand is better than a Hydrogen car that may realistically be 10-15 years away. I think a lot of people are getting that, and I heard that California Toyota dealers each have more than fifty people on their waiting list for the upcoming Lexus SUV.

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  1. Greg Hale

    Hi OL,
    I’m all for the Hydrogen technology…it might be awhile as we are so dependant on fossil fuels with a lot of money and politics involved. I would like to own a hybrid vehicle soon, my one problem is that I am 6″7″ and absolutely cannot fit into the Prius. I will look at other models when they come into the US market though…hope that there will be more room in some of the future choices.


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