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If you read Global Rhythm Magazine you will have noticed that we have an ad in the current issue. Youl will also find a song from La Semana on the free CD that is included with the magazine.

Two scientists in a deep-sea submersible are investigating an underwater volcano off the the coast of southern California. As they navigate the hidden canyons like thieves in the studio of a mad painter, who or what are they listening to? The sonar pings from this beautiful hallucinatory landscape? No, amigos… the nuevo flamenco of Ottmar Liebert.

A radical artist is photographing the night-sky from a mesa in the south-western desert. She uses no lenses as lenses merely distort the psychological truth of the constellations and their gods. She requires long exposures, timed by tunes from her
iPod… who is she listening to? Ravel? Led Zeppelin? No, amigos…Ottmar Liebert.

Just ordinary people going about their ordinary work in an ordinary week, folks. If their vocations seem exotic, it’s simply because they embrace the romantic. La Semana, the latest CD by the international mariachi Ottmar Liebert, is all about Romanticism and the Poet’s articulation of the landscapes of travel & dream. Guitarist as painter-poet? These beautiful instrumentals are full of celestial longing and gitano funk, played in that Santa Fe desert style that OL defined in his platinum-selling CD Nouveau Flamenco and the zen-boogie of Between the Hours and Opium.

Want to go to southern Spain but find you’re trapped on the freeway? La Semana: listen to Cocteau, that Alhambra of the mind, a Moorish fortress where flamencos are imprisoned by choice… or the jazzy impressionism of Evening… or maybe you feel like some action, a couple of beers in the nearest tavern… try Underworld, some raw gypsy guitar. Some great stuff here, and while the magic hands of OL can be measured against any flamenco anywhere, you know the real measurement is: what you hear is what you dream. LR 5/26/04

This is our ad, not a review.


  1. Carol

    wow…no words needed. They’ve said it just the way I would if I were able….
    I used to take that magazine…..before I found the only music I need. Now I wish I still had my subscription….

  2. Adam Solomon

    Very cool! Is that the ad, btw, or a review?

    Oh, and I’m glad to see they liked “Between the Hours”…my favorite as well!!

  3. Nancy

    I just returned from a trip to Europe (of course I took La Semana with me). Cocteau really reminds me of the Alcazar in Seville Spain which I was able to visit while I was there. I enjoyed the CD through my entire trip, and it was perfect traveling music.


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