Beware the Big Bass

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Blasting music can be hard on the ears and the neighbors, and now researchers say it can also pack enough punch to collapse a lung.

Reporting in the medical journal Thorax, they describe the cases of four young men who suffered a lung collapse — technically called pneumothorax — that appeared to be triggered by loud music. Three of the men were at a concert or club when the pneumothorax occurred, while the fourth was in his car, which was outfitted with a 1,000-watt bass box because he “liked to listen to loud music.”

There is a reason the military is using low frequency sounds as a weapon! Other suggested effects of long term super high bass exposure might be nerve damage, I read somewhere. Maybe these guys will sue rappers for providing the heavy bass music!

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  1. Carol

    How ironic when music is the ultimate in feeling good. I guess it’s like being hugged to death or eating so much ice-cream you burst??..there are a lot of kids in town who must already have a hearing loss, but I didn’t realize there were these other repercussions. How very sad.


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