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That was fun. Robby and I played for quite a while and came up with two things. One is for the little interlude in Santa Fe.

The drums stop and I usually play a brief melody. When I play the melody for the second time Jon plays a harmony on the bass. That will give Robby enough time to pick up the Kora and join in. I would then improvise some melodies over the Kora and Bass – no percussion. Upon a signal Ron will start the beat, which will give Robby time to switch from Kora to percussion and then we can all start up again.

The other new part will probably become an intro, but I am not sure where it will end up.

I think Robby playing the Kora would be a wonderful addition for the 1001 Christmas Nights tour next year!


  1. Adam Solomon

    Loving these little teasers for the fall tour :) Go Robby!

  2. Borya

    I can imagine it being great READING about it, so how will it actually be to LISTEN to + EXPERIENCING it!!! I’m glad that at least Adam will TELL me about it… : )
    And maybe Matt, if he makes it to El Paso… oh, and Carol, Matt has written a beautiful description of the show he attended in Tempe. You can find it in the forum if you like. We were all positively stunned reading it again and again.

  3. Matt Callahan

    Thanks for the kind words Borya. It was a good day at the keyboard when that review went together. It sort of wrote itself.

  4. Carol

    I love to read what matt writes. He really knows how to express everything.

  5. Borya

    Ufff…. I see myself more and more forced to go to Japan AND the US next year… that’s going to be expensive, but what can I do? This xmas tour idea just sounds too beautiful!! Even only OL sitting on an otherwise empty stage playing calm tunes would make it worth it… hum, I wonder, how will Santa Ottmar dress on the xmas tour?!? :-)


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