The instore in Orlando on Thursday, the last one for this tour, was fun. The man, who won the guitar, said he already had a bunch of guitars and passed it on to a wide-eyed kid who could not believe his luck!

Later I felt a bit like a hostage at Universal. I didn’t want to walk around outside, because they had music blaring everywhere. It’s a problem I have with theme-parks in general – loud music everywhere… drives me crazy… Luckily, Jon + Robby went out and brought back some food for me.

Now for the positive side – the club sounded very good and Jon really enjoyed the sound of his bass. The place was packed, and people were waiting outside in case someone might give up their seat and leave.

I was touched by the story of a couple who had driven to Orlando from their destroyed home in Southern Florida to catch our performance. It feels so good to be able to share the power of music with people.

Instore #6

Thursday, September 30th at 12:30 PM
Borders Winter Park in Orlando
600 North Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

Oops, wasn’t able to post that yesterday…

Music of the Sphere

A mysterious low-frequency hum emanating from the Earth is likely caused by ocean storms. First discovered by Japanese seismologists in 1998, the vibrations have a frequency between two and seven millihertz, inaudible to humans. UC Berkeley scientists propose in the journal Nature that the hum is produced by interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, and seafloor. From a BBC News report:

The daily release of energy required to generate the hum is equivalent to a magnitude 5.75 to six earthquake, say Junkee Rhie and Barbara Romanowicz of the University of California, Berkeley.

Link [BoingBoing]

And what about the Taos hum?


Earth is crammed with Heaven
and every common bush afire with God,
but only those who see
take off their shoes.

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Joe came to our Atlanta show last night and emailed me this quote today. Thanks Joe!

Atlanta GA

Last night we performed at the Variety Playhouse, a venue we had no played since 1996, Jon thinks. The Variety is located in the Five Points area, which I think is a lot of fun – see my Flickr pics.

The band really enjoyed the show because our Atlanta audience is fantastic! I think I comment on that every single time we perform here. After the show I signed stuff and met some very nice people. Thanks guys!