Reaching Out 2 U

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Quicktime file of the Epic Video Reaching Out 2 U from the album Solo Para Ti. The video was made in the beginning of 1992.


  1. Victor

    That’s the first Ottmar video I’ve seen! That was fun – thanks!

  2. Carolynn

    Thanks for the link.
    : )

  3. Adam Solomon

    Wow! My first OL video, too…thanks so much! :) Cool video!

  4. Flavio

    Great Song, Great Video, and. . .very nice leading lady. . .with a mixed look between Oriental/ Hispanic/ Brazilian/ Native American. . .nice choice!

  5. susanne

    Am I seeing correctly…? you’re wearing shoes!

    …and my heart fluttered through the kiss.
    Thanks for the video porthole.


    Sight & Sound at its best!!
    very interesting and beautiful
    I can’t wait until the Snakecharmer video!!

  7. Flavio

    This post has been removed by the author.

  8. Flavio

    Sorry, One more thing: This is the kind of stuff I would like to have access to under a subscription scheme as we discussed some time ago. Videos, pictures, etc. Somehow we have it available now but mostly when you or someone remembers to make it public and point us a location. Under a subscription deal there would always be material sitting there waiting for me to feel like accessing it. As a matter of fact I believe someday TV, as we know it will be much like this – you want to watch a certain material, all you have to do is ensure your credentials allow you to connect to the site that will allow you to “see” what you want – back to work now . . .

  9. Matt Callahan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed he was wearing shoes.

  10. Nancy

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  11. David Jr.

    Yeah! Viva Carlos Santana! Love this song, and Solo Para Ti. That was the first OL CD I’ve ever listened to… I heard it in 1996 but the CD came out much earlier. Still my fav to date.

    Thanks for sharing that, you’ve made my week!



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