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– I guess that makes it alright. I had a fantastic evening as Genpo Roshi came to my house with Diane from Kanzeon, and Stuart and Tripp from I-I after the Big Mind session at Upaya here in Santa Fe. I had prepared some Trofie al Pesto (or here) and we talked until after midnight. I had such a great time that I could not fall asleep until after three am.


  1. Carol

    Oh my…you do indeed have most interesting friends….

  2. Adam Solomon

    Cool night!! Out of curiosity, what nationality is Genpo? He has a typical American accent, it seems, on the Big Mind videos, but the name just strikes some curiosity…

    Oh, and I love the house!! :P

  3. Borya

    Your house, just as imagined. Much bigger than your studio, though….

  4. J Michael Vidal

    I love having great company – you can spend all night talking about anything (silly, intellectual topics) and still enjoy every minute of them. Somehow time flies when you’re having fun with great company.

    Love that house(shack.) Nice picture – I wonder how the tree, behind the shack, got dried up? You might consider getting it trimmed before it falls on top of the shack – Otherwise, you will have to start all-over again building your “castle.” :^)

  5. Carolynn

    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall to hear those conversations… : )


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