Heating a Tortilla

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How to heat up a tortilla for dinner. I am having salad and a couple of tortillas with pesto, a nice Mexitalian dish.

In case you are wondering what is in the orange pot in the back – why, that’s water. I frequently enjoy hard boiled eggs for breakfast and to save water I throw a bunch of ice cubes into the pot when the eggs are done, instead of pouring the hot water down the drain and adding cold water to cool the eggs. I can then either re-use the water the next morning, or water a plant with it.

It’s a little thing I call location-specific environmental awareness. In some places the electricity used to produce the ice cubes might be more precious than the running water wasted by cooling the eggs – but not here in Santa Fe.

And just imagine how much better the photo would look with the new Treo 650 camera phone!


  1. Robin

    Yes, I was wondering what was in the orange pot of course…thanks for clearing that up!

  2. Carolynn

    That’s how I heat up my tortillas, too. Where do you get your tortillas from? Garcia’s Mexican Restaurants in Albuquerque sell them for about $4 a dozen. But, man, are they worth it! Nice, thick, “homemade” tortillas! MMMMM!

  3. Carol

    Me too…In fact I’m about to do the same.
    I think its pretty great the way you’re continully adding more fun to this blog. Like time I come here, I find more pictures. You have them organized so beautifully. Those Paris pictures are fabulous…especially that winter one with the rows of trees and tables. That’s plumb awesome. I want to go there.


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