That genius Canton…

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…fixed the Diary up this morning, corrected the RSS feed, added a search field for the new Diary, and made some last tweaks on the design. I think it looks great now. Eventually we will create a search field for all of the ancient archives (1993 through 2004) so we can find every post with the words “Houston” or “Flamenco” or “bad food” or “coffee”, but for now things are just peachy!


  1. Carolynn

    I agree! Peachy! We just love Canton!

  2. Carolynn

    I’m sitting here trying to imagine OL saying the word “peachy.”

  3. Carol

    Have somebody on stand-by to hit him over the head or something when it’s done though:)

  4. Matt Callahan

    Bravo Caton. Can’t wait for the search feature. I don’t care to think of all the time I’ve spent going back through looking for a post

  5. Carol

    Oh, it’s back and beautiful and better than ever. What fun it will be. I didn’t doubt you for a moment… Wow Canton! Were you the guy who made Google what it is today?


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