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Carol sent me this link – another La Semana review.


  1. Victor

    Excellent article – thanks Carol!

    I’m a bit confused about the future marketing of your albums, Ottmar – if the article is accurate. Why cut back on the distribution of your albums? Realize that I don’t really understand how the production and distribution side of music works. I would guess that the goal for SSRI would be to make as many copies of an album as they think will sell and get them in as many stores as possible. But the article makes it sound like your albums will be more limited and that if we’re not in the first 1000 to order it then we’ll have to either download it from your site and make our own CD or else purchase the tracks a la carte. Is this being driven by the “I-Pods” of the world? Is the CD on the verge of extinction?

  2. Ottmar

    Victor, the situation has changed since the article was written and “La Semana” will arrive in stores on August 24th. I assume that my next few albums will be distributed to stores as well. However, eventually I would like to sell music as file downloads and do away with regular CD packages – I would make a limited edition art package instead. But, it seems that this scenario is still a few years away. Five years? Ten years? I think the Compact Disc’s days are numbered in terms of music delivery.

  3. Carol

    I’m glad it will be awhile. I think it’s ironic that we have such wonderful capabilities that in less than a century much of what we listen to will be lost. The cavemen chipped their info in stone. Somewhere in a time capsule I hope someone is putting everything from an old Edison record player on up through our advances with instructions clearer than written in most manuals. But will they have electricity.. I still miss the vinyls with all that cover space for art.

  4. Carol

    Sorry, that was a little gloomy and doomy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hate to be stuck with only 8-tracks, and I guess we’re doing a good job of making all of the past accessible to everyone and we will likely continue that way.
    Fun to watch for what’s next.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi — you can ignore this comment. I’m just testing the commenting on the new blog location (ottmarliebert.com/blog)


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