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My three favorite ways to celebrate DIRT, the ground, the Earth, le Terroir:

1. The smell of the desert after rain falls on a hot day. The hotter and more unbearable the day, the more intense the smell of the dust and dirt when the big rain drops hit the ground. Lovely. There is nothing like it in the world. I stand outside as if in a trance and sniff the air.

2. The taste of good New Mexican red chile sauce. Maria’s on Cordova Road makes excellent red chile. Some people like their red chile a little darker, the way they serve it at the Guadalupe Cafe. That’s nice from time to time, but I prefer Maria’s or Tecalote’s version.

3. A fine bottle of red wine. You can almost smell and taste the dirt in a good bottle.


  1. Carol

    I wouldn’t have thought of the last two, but of course. And what a very special earth we celebrate every time we experience these. I enjoy potted plants more in the winter, because I love the smell of the soil.
    Have you read “The Secret Life of Dust” by Hannah Holmes? It’s quite spiritual to me. We’re all made of star dust and all forever an essential part of the whole.

  2. Matt Callahan

    There’s a storm blowing in right now. The scent of rain is teasing us, I hope a few drops actually hit the ground. We have a great trail near the house I like to walk during and after the rain. The smell is intoxicating.

    I hate to say it but, I’m out of red wine. Maybe I’ll stop on the way home from my walk.


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