Stringing a Guitar

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I was asked to show how I string my guitars. Above title-link will take you to the starting point from where you can step forward or backward with the double arrows above the photo. I first show how to attach the low E to a bridge with double holes, then to a bridge with single holes and last a treble string to a single hole. I don’t use double holes for the treble strings. Next – attaching the strings to the tuners.


  1. Victor

    I noticed on the single hole you don’t wrap the bass string around itself like the trebel strings. Next time I re-string I’m going to try that. Sorry, you must feel like everybody’s big brother being copied all the time! ;-) I like the detail on the bridge with your name – very cool! Are either of those guitars the De Voe you play on tour? Also, it looks like you use the composite G string – any particular reason or just it sounds good with your particular guitars? Hey, I appreciate what you’ve shared already with your photo demonstration! If you have time to comment more then great, otherwise I understand you probably have a lot of people asking you questions.

  2. Ottmar

    Both guitars pictured are by Lester DeVoe. On tour I mostly play the Negra, which is the one with the single-holed bridge.
    I prefer the composite G-string because its diameter fits better between the D and the B. I always felt that the old G-string was a little too thick. This feels better to me. The other reason is that I find the composite string to be more in tune than the old G. The old G was always the weakest link intonation-wise. The only negative comment I could make about the composite G is that it has a very narrow range, where it is in tune. It is very easy to tune it way to high when you string up the guitar. Easy does it.

  3. Victor

    Oh, I didn’t think about the composite being a different diameter. Interesting too that it’s more sensitive to tuning. Anyway, thanks for a little equipment talk for a guitar student/geek!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks so much OL .
    Can’t wait to see you in Virginia !


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