Taking Requests Pt. 1

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For a while now, I’ve been meaning to bug Ottmar to tell some stories about his songs. See, the majority of his tracks have no vocals, so you’re left wondering how and why he named them; here are a few geographically-named tracks about which, as a traveler, I’ve always been curious:

  • Milan in September (from Euphoria)
  • Turkish Night (from Opium)
  • Sao Paulo (from The Santa Fe Sessions)
  • Havana Club (also from Euphoria)
  • Montana Walking (also from Opium)
  • I hope he turns this into a series… (wink wink!)

    Let’s take it one at a time. Milan in September is a track only available on the Australian version of Euphoria and in our Listening Lounge. It was inspired by a morning in Milan, I believe it was in 1992, waking up at the Diana Majestic Hotel.

    Mind you, it wasn’t a Sheraton Hotel then. No flash, just old and lovely. From the Diana nothing in Milan is too far. One can walk to the Duomo, one can walk to the shopping centre and one can get about anywhere in Milan with relative ease.
    Anyway, it was there at the Diana, that I recorded the insect-like buzz of the Vespas, and the streetcar screetching around a corner, which showed up in some of my music later.


    1. ANACECI

      OK, this time with the E-mail: ac.del@ig.com.br
      I will ask u this again, because I am a huge fan and missed the last time u came to Brazil…. I live in São Paulo nowadays. When do u plan to perform here again???
      thank you very much for your attention…
      best wishes
      Ana Cecília

    2. Carol

      And maybe “Spanish Steps” for those of us who’ve never been to Italy??

    3. Victor

      Thanks Ottmar – looking forward to hearing more of the stories behind the songs! Feels like a little peek into the things that inspire your creativity. Very cool stuff – hope you don’t mind us “peeking”! ;-)

    4. Matt Callahan

      There’s a really cool book to be made from all these stories. Can’t wait for the rest to unfold.

    5. Borya

      Good request, Carol! ;) I was about to ask for the whole Innamorare album, but not all titles are connected with places… just, is this a certain Alameda you are talking of, OL? Cause that could be either Italy or New Mexico or an imaginary one…


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