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If you leave a comment, and you want me to respond to it – you have to include your email address. I cannot answer anonymous comments, as they don’t provide me with an email address to respond to.

On a similar note, we are having comment-spammers invading the I-N Journal at present, which is why we now manually close the comment option after a few days. If they invade this blog – I guess I should rather say when they invade this Diary – I will no longer allow anonymous commenting anyway. That should keep most of the spam away, I hope. So you might as well get used to signing in.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Or better yet, get an account here! I got my Blogger originally to comment here, and I love it now, use it all the time :D

  2. Victor

    Also, in your Blogger account you have to make sure your email is visible through your user profile set up (something I just figured out).

    By the way, I saw another anonymous comment saying they had posted anonymous because they couldn’t get logged in. I had the same problem when opening this page through the “New Diary” link off the LunaNegra website. I’m wondering if Blogger has a problem with it being a webpage displayed inside a webpage? Anyway, when I came directly to I was able to post this comment no problem.

  3. victoria

    I noticed on your tour dates there isn’t anything down for Atlanta. Don’t make me panic like this! Not only will I have to explain to my son that he won’t get to hear you live again (I’ve been promising him for almost a year!), I won’t get to find out what strange and bizarre events will manifest in my life as a result of seeing you live. (I’m signed up for the masters course in integral studies, which I would not be had I not heard you talk about your website with it’s booklist last October. I have other stories from seeing you live at Borders in ’96, but there isn’t room here.) Worst of all, I won’t get the utterly sublime experience of hearing OL in real life and time. PPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE play in Atlanta!

  4. Greg Hale

    Victor and Adam- thanks for your suggestions and feedback re: Blogger erasure problems I was experiencing…it looks to be fixed now.


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