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Blogs are the hottest thing on the Net, but are they messing with traditional publishing principles? One of the most popular,, is allegedly selling links. Is it the wave of the future? By Daniel Terdiman.
[Wired News]

I found this item in the above Wired article:

Last year, Ford paid British novelist Carole Matthews to feature the Ford Fiesta prominently in her next two novels.

That brings up these thoughts:
1. Should an author or movie producer not have to disclose that s/he took money for including a certain brand in the story or movie?
2. Will we soon get so used to this sort of embedded advertising that all art will follow the modern photograph – we don’t trust it like we used to, because everybody can use software to alter images.
3. Just think, Warhol didn’t even get paid by Campbell!! What purity!


  1. Victor

    Wow – that’s the first I’ve heard of product placement in a novel! I suppose advertising is so competitive that this is just the latest attempt to “creatively” find new billboard space. But yes, I think it does make the art suspect – it’s certainly distracting knowing that it’s in there. For instance, ever since I became aware of product placement in movies and I recognize a product prop I can’t help but wonder if that was actually part of the director’s vision or if I was just served an advertisement.

    Speaking of movies, did anybody see “Minority Report”? I’m reminded of the vision of the future portrayed in that movie. Things like talking billboards that recognize you and call out your name as you walk through a public place, animated cereal boxes that sing jingles when you pick them up, etc. Scary to think all that is possible in our future! Will we say “Enough!” some day or will we continue to become desensitized to more and more sensory input?

    Anyway, I was just enjoying another listen to Innamorare and – hey, is that a picture of a Chevron station in there?!? Please Ottmar, say it ain’t so! ;-)

  2. Carol

    Shhh, not a word, Victor. Ottmar is maybe getting free gas…we won’t tell (:


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