Prius Update

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On the occasion of my car’s first oilchange I handed the following two suggestions to the local Toyota dealer.

1. Recess the screen by another inch or create a deeper hood. When sun comes from the side the screen is not readable.
2. Create access to some functions via laptop, connected to the car via its already built-in excellent Bluetooth capability. Advantages would be that the user could download updated maps for the GPS system and upload them into the car. It would also be much easier to create way-points on a laptop than trying to use the keyboard on the car’s screen. This would be especially handy if one wants to lend one’s Prius to a friend who doesn’t know the town. One could create and name GPS markers quickly and send him/her on their way. Another possible function would be to access any kind of car-preference via the connected laptop. Or maybe even limit the car’s speed to 55mph when loaning the Prius to a teenager.


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