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That looks like a great travel guitar. Wonder how it would work with Flamenco, where the body is used for various golpes and percussive slaps. Nevertheless, when you don’t want to deal with carrying a full-size guitar, this could be the ticket. Also available as a Midi-guitar with RMC pickups. The sound is what I expect from a nylon guitar with pick-ups and no microphone – not great. Nevertheless, for those travel moments, those practice late nights somewhere moments it would be ideal!

Thanks Vikram


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hey, I’ve seen that (or a similar guitar)…pretty cool idea, but probably not one to use too much for recording ;)

  2. keats79

    There was a guitar player for the breakfast buffet at the hotel in Cabo San Lucas. During his set he played two OL songs. Over the surf, eating well and seranaded by Barcelona Nights — It was a great breakfast


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