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At 12:23, Adam Solomon said – There’s no repeat option on the iPod?

At 13:19, Anonymous said – Under my iPod’s settings, I have a repeat function that can be toggled between Off, One, and All.

Yes, of course there is a repeat function on the iPod. But, there is a big difference between repeat and loop. Try selecting a short one bar audio file and hit repeat. It is not smooth and continuous like a loop and therefore would not work to play along to.


  1. Sebastian

    Oops, sorry! Haven’t seen this post when I made a comment on the other post. I’ll repost the comment:
    “Well, there is a repeat option BUT there’s no gapless playing on the iPod. Without this feature, you can’t get a loop from just repeating a track. There’s a small gap that ruins the “loop”.”

  2. Ottmar

    Exactemundo, Dan.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Ah, well that shows how much I know about this…lol…on a similar note, how is the iPod in terms of gaps when switching between tracks? Say you’re listening to a live recording, will the iPod give you a noticeable gap in between tracks?

  4. Carolynn

    OL — I’ve noticed that your moods lately have been less than positive (as noted on your journal entires). I feel the need to send you some love — some positive vibes for your health (that damn tooth! and the other ugly bugs floating around inside making you feel less than 100%) and your emotional well being! But on the other hand, you can enjoy the funk, and maybe some positive creative energy will come of it! : ) Blessings to you!!!

  5. Carol

    Beautifully and thoughtfully said, Carolyn. Please let me join you and a whole bunch of other good friends I’m sure, in sending my love and good vibes to Ottmar.

  6. Adam Solomon

    Maybe just the blues from being off the road for a bit? Feel better, OL :)

  7. Sebastian

    Adam, as I was saying, the iPod doesn’t let you play the tracks gapless. So, you wont be able to listen to a live/remix album. There will always be a gap between 2 tracks.

  8. Adam Solomon

    Ahhh, that’s a shame : Same with my player, Creative’s Zen… I was listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” album this morning on the train, and it was actually bothering me quite a bit, because many songs on the album were recorded right after another, and they all flow into each other–the last half-second or so of some songs is even pushed ahead to the next track. I guess the problem is that the hard-drive has to take at least a little bit of time to load the next song?

  9. Sebastian

    Well, if you’re using windows, there’s this foobar player that has the gapless playing feature. For this to work, the iPod should load the next track before the current finishes playing. This way, it can play the next one JUST after the current ends. Maybe Apple will implement this feature on the upcoming model.

  10. Adam Solomon

    I’m sure Apple will eventually–unlike Creative, who may have listened to about two user suggestions ever : Although it looks like that changed with the new player, the Zen Touch, I’ve heard nothing but good about it.

  11. Sebastian

    Yes, the new zen looks good. I may buy one in september.

  12. Adam Solomon

    I’m planning on it, as well, especially if the 24 hour battery life claims are true (Creative tends to tell the truth on this kind of thing)…you’re an iPod guy now, Dan? If so, don’t tell OL you’re planning on buying the Zen! He won’t be too happy :)

  13. Sebastian

    I am not havig any portable audio player ATM. Anyway, even if Ottmar loves Apple, I will not go for the design on this one. Till now, I had too manny better things to buy than a portable player. I am going on a trip around Europe now, but when I come back, I will consider buying the zen.

  14. Adam Solomon

    Ahhh…the iPod is a fine player, no doubt. I just find it to be way too expensive when compared to other players, like the Zen or the Dell, of similar storage capacity. Apple uses AMAZING iPod marketing. Most users who research players (like I’m sure OL did) have the money to spend on the player, and will take it. However, when most regular folk want an MP3 player, usually the first (and only) thing that comes into their heads is “iPod”, and aren’t even aware of any alternatives. So, Apple can easily get away with jacking up the price of the iPod.

    Now, regardless of this, I don’t think I could say that if I could afford to buy an iPod, I wouldn’t…I probably would, that would be a whole other issue. It’s a great player (though I’ve heard it’s sound quality and battery life aren’t up to par with other players), looks SO cool, has a nice big screen + interface, and those cool extra features like organizer + games. So, my big issue with the iPod is really the price, which I don’t think is worth the extra benefits over other players…

  15. Carol

    I hope you don’t mind me saying something from down here on the lower level. I think if I’d thought of all the functions the iPod can do, I may have thought twice about getting it. Much like too many of my older friends feel about the computer. “I’d never be able to understand all that!” It doesn’t seem to help to say to just use it for what you want to use it for. Forget the rest. I love my iPod. I can easily put music on it. I can easily find the music I want on it. I love the sound of it And I like the feel and looks of it. and that’s all I really need to know. But it’s interesting to know its many potentials.


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