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It would be cool if the iPod could play loops. Right now I have to make long AAC files of rhythms I want to play guitar to, at least 6-10 minutes each. Not necessarily a huge drag, since the iPod has plenty of space, but how cool would it be if I could have hundreds of short rhythm files that the iPod would loop ad infinitum. Then I could store hundreds of loops at multiple speeds and it would use less space than one of my loops takes up now.


  1. Carol

    How can you think so when you have an infected tooth. …..Oh well, I guess it’s all in your head ;)
    sorry that wasn’t appreciated, I’m sure.

  2. Anonymous

    Under my iPod’s settings, I have a repeat function that can be toggled between Off, One, and All.

  3. Sebastian

    Well, there is a repeat option BUT there’s no gapless playing on the iPod. Without this feature, you can’t get a loop from just repeating a track. There’s a small gap that ruins the “loop”.


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