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Alert! Geeky entry!
For me, these are the choices for this Fall:

Treo 610
Sidekick/Hiptop 2
Sony Ericsson P910
Sony Ericsson K700i

I want a decent phone-cam, around one mega-pixel resolution, I want Bluetooth, and I prefer a Qwerty keyboard – got used to that with my Tungsten C. I am leaning towards the Treo 610 at the moment, because I could load some of my favorite Palm apps, although the Sidekick 2 looks like a great alternative – 1.3 MP camera with flash. The K700i is nice and small. I also like that Palm sells un-locked Treos, which will work with any GSM provider in the world…


  1. Eric

    The Treo’s an outstanding device, Ottmar – I’ve been using mine since 12/2003 and absolutely love it!

  2. Adam Solomon

    OL, we love your geeky entries! :) Keep ’em coming…


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