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I watched the Big Mind DVD last night, and while the experience is of course not as powerful as being there, it adequately brings the experience into your home. You can follow the words of Genpo Roshi, and the group of people assembled, quite easily. The quality of video and audio is excellent, good job I-I crew! The DVD will become a powerful tool for anybody who watches it. I will let you know if and when it becomes available or you can check at the Integral Naked site. Genpo rocks!


  1. Anonymous

    OL–I was reading a description on the site, and it basically stresses a non-thinking, non-questioning mind over constantly looking for truth…unless I have something mistaken? I’ll definitely check out more about it when I get a chance, but the scientist in me is naturally a bit skeptical of that type of a philosophy…lol…what specifically do you like about it? I mean, if OL’s into it, it can’t be THAT bad, now, can it? :)

    Adam Solomon

  2. dave

    Personally, I think the “truth” can be found via the non-thinking/questioning mind. It’s not an easy path, though. May I suggest reading Ken Wilber’s “A Brief History of Everything”? It’s one of OL’s recommendations and is excellent.

  3. Carol

    “A Brief History of Everything ” is really what it’s all about. I reread it quite often to re-anchor it in my not so sturdy mind. It is a great book by a great thinker.
    and Adam, I’m sure you’d get a lot out of “The Marriage of sense and Soul” by Ken Wilber. Can’t you tell…just from the title?


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