Motorhome Envy

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We are in a small town half way between Los Angeles and our first Oregon destination. As our bus driver parks the bus we receive envious glances from the folk who travel in smaller campers. Yes, ours is bigger…..


  1. Carolynn

    So, you’re saying that size matters??? : P

  2. Sebastian

    Well, Ottmar has long fingers….

  3. Carolynn

    I can’t believe you went there, Dan!

  4. Sebastian

    I don’t know what you mean by “there”…
    I haven’t been in USA yet.

  5. dave

    Maybe you should name you tour bus “Biggus Dickus”.

  6. Carolynn

    Let’s try to keep it PG-13, people!

  7. Anonymous

    So much for subtle humor, Dave…lol…though I’m largely guilty of the same thing :P I’m trying to tone it down on OL’s blog…but honestly, everyone knows foot size is what REALLY matters…O:-)

    Adam Solomon

  8. Anonymous

    Very funny postings! Good to see you guys have a good sense of humor and better yet: to leard that OL is having fun while touring! I still can’t get enough of my La Semana CD.



  9. Carolynn

    I didn’t say I wasn’t laughing!

    Yes, I’m loving my “La Semana” CD also! It’s been playing non-stop in my car stereo since it arrived!

  10. Anonymous

    2+ weeks and still didn’t open the 2 “La Semana” LE boxes. Let’s see how long I can contain myself from opening one of the LE cd’s.


  11. Carolynn

    MichaelV — Why do you feel it necessary to torture yourself in this way???

  12. Carol

    I don’t blame you, Michael. There’s this ugly monster that leaps out at you with a most hideous scream. I survived, but really…Keep it safely enclosed inside, I say!!!


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