10 in a row…

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Tonight is the 9th show in 9 days.


  1. Anonymous

    Mr. Liebert, you are a lean, mean, touring machine! Good luck :)

    Adam Solomon

  2. Anonymous

    OL, thanks for the great show in San Diego. It was a very nice evening for my wife and I before the baby came. Our daby girl came on Wednesday and we’re still not sure what to name her. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

    Jorge Mabarak

  3. Ole

    The show in Agoura Hills was absolutely amazing. You guys are so together. You and Ron, it is almost like a single instrument with two voices. We were all in awe, I hope you felt it from the crowd. We’ve listened to La Semana a million times but the songs just came alive tonight. Wow.

    I hope it was as fun for you as it was for us :)


  4. Carol

    I’m so happy to hear you have a little girl, Jorge….and that you were able to enjoy the whole concert.
    Ottmar, I hope you’re enjoying every bit of your impossible schedule. a whole day off tomorrow?
    Fred, I’ll be thinking of you and Joanne at the Key Club today. A wonderful time for you, and I’m sure you’ll be taking many friends. Wish I were with you (she sighs wistfully)

  5. Anonymous

    Jorge…congratulations! :) Tell us here when you name her…;)

    Adam Solomon

  6. Ottmar

    How about Ottmary or OttMarie or Ottmarla….
    Just kidding. Congrats!
    – ottmar

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you, Jorge for the information on the instrument that Ron played (long string bow instrument). I looked on the internet to educate myself further on the it. So thank you, again!

    Now let’s see….as far as that new baby is concerned….forget Ottmar (sorry, Ottmar!) as a name. How about Yumiko? Doesn’t that sound diverse with your last name?


  8. Anonymous


    For the child’s name…How about: Marieberta, Maryberta, Lieberta, Ottberta, Olieberta. :-)


  9. Carol

    I think, Jorge , some musical name would be just right. She was surrounded by music even before she was born. ummm.something musical…..like Carol??

    Aria Arietta Cadence Cadency Camerata Cappella Carillon
    Chaconne Chime Choral/Chorale
    Consonance Euphony Grace Harmony Jazz Kyrie Libretto/Libretta
    Lyric Madrigal Melody Music Partita Pipa Rhapsody
    Serenade Sonata Song Stanza Tala Viola Virelai Vivace

  10. Anonymous

    I think that Ottmar just started a website for your new daughter!

  11. Anonymous

    Carol–Don’t give Carolynn any ideas! The “ynn” may add a little more musicality…lol ;) But, it doesn’t matter, everyone knows “Adama” is the best girl’s name.

    OK I have good news so I’m going to go run to the forum to post in excitement, bye! :D

    Adam Solomon

  12. Carolynn

    OK, OL, what’s your middle name? Maybe we can work with that, too.

    I do like the idea of Carol. That’s my mom’s middle name (and obviously where mine is derived from), given to her because she was born on Christmas eve (Christmas Carol, get it?!).

  13. Carol

    I do hope we hear what you two have named that little girl, Jorge. You have to look at her awhile more and then you’ll know. My folks looked at me a few days and decided I wasn’t a LaVerne I was a Carol, so forever after I’m L. Carol. I’m glad they changed their minds. To me LaVerne sounds like a bubble dancer…hmmm…might be fun at that.


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