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I have mentioned plans for my musical future after *The Santa Fe Sessions* before…

The truth is that I have been offered a higher royalty and bigger advance from a record company, BUT I don’t feel that I want to deal with a traditional record company any longer. I think the music industry currently has the wrong game plan altogether.

I don’t like copy-protected CDs and I don’t like digital rights management (DRM) – which besides preventing unauthorized copying can also limit how long or how often one can listen to a recording. Just because computers enable us to control EVERYTHING, doesn’t mean that we should follow that temptation, which surely would lead to less and less freedom for all of us – and not just regarding music.

…And of course I am gambling that I have a large enough fan base that I can reach via touring and our web site to be able to sell enough CDs directly to make a living from my music.


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