Moving the computer away from the screen….

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In our studio I am in the process of switching from my ancient MAC 9500/200 with G3/500 upgrade to a G4/400. The G4/400 is a computer we had around the office and which we no longer need. I had heard of noise problems with the newest G4s and since there are rumors about Apple using a new IBM chip for next year I figured I’d wait a year and in the meantime the G4/400 will be a little slow, but will do the job – especially since I am not planning on doing any high definition recording (96 or 192k sampling rate). This afternoon I realized I was missing the most important piece in the puzzle – the monitor extender. I always like to have the computer a good distance away from where I am working/listening. Years ago we had a guy in Los Alamos make custom extenders and amplifiers, then Gefen started making 100ft. extensions.

The link is to a Gefen solution for extending the new digital monitors further away from the mixing board and loudspeakers.


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