The Santa Fe Sessions

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Today our new album The Santa Fe Sessions was released. If you checked out Higher Octave Music?s web site ( you may have seen that the album was on their home page. If you clicked on the button for more info you would have been taken to a page that gives you more information about the album and showed a track listing…..the first song on the track list was a true gem called ?(Don?t ya wanna) Jam? and it was the ONLY song you could actually listen to…….Don?t know what that is, actually. It sounds like total crap, I think. It is most certainly NOT something that I would have anything to with. OK, honestly….who made bets on that song? Who thought that I could create something like that? Shame on you!
Was it the web master who put in a filler and forgot to remove it when the site when live? Was it a hacker that placed the song there? Was it a cosmic convergence?


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