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I am starting to order more on the internet than I am buying in stores around Santa Fe. Why you ask? Well, I find that most store clerks don’t seem to know much about the products they are selling these days…so I might as well order it online with the satisfaction of NOT having to listen to terrible store music….

Cardboard boxes accumulate in the garage. Once every two weeks I can cut up the cardboard and drop it off for recycling.
Rethinking packaging:
What if instead of using a cardboard box the store would use more permanent materials? Aluminum? Plastic?
What if we return the packaging to the store we bought from and the store charges for the return trip of the empty box?
What if each shopper can buy a certain assortment of re-useable boxes from each store they are buying from?

Hm, I think none of the above ideas represents a good solution, but there must be a solution out there….


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