Hawaii + Picasso

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I haven’t written in this diary for a while.
I spent the holidays in Hawaii. If you ever go to Kona on the Big Island, check out the Keei Cafe. Unassuming exterior + interior and great food!
I worked a lot in the studio, finishing up a couple of releases for 2002.
And I was wondering whether I should stop writing in this diary altogether.
Maybe I should let the music stand by itself without any of my comments on this or that subject. After all it’s the music that is most important to me and words, even in this this hidden place could serve to distract…..
Then I thought about that some more and decided that you, dear reader, are mature enough to seperate my music from my ramblings. After all we enjoy Picasso’s work without wondering about his social interactions.
With that in mind I aim to continue writing here…..


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