Human Transporter

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Check out the Human Transport!

It’s the latest invention by Mr. Kamen.

This machine might inspire city planners to design for humans instead of cars. So many modern cities, especially in the American West are intended for cars, not walking. In fact it is impossible to get around them on foot. I could imagine these little machines, outfitted with credit card readers and painted in Hertz yellow or Budget white and red all over cities. You grab one at the Hertz HT corral downtown, stick your credit card into the slot and get going to where you want to go. The moving sidewalks that people imagined would transport us through the cities in the 21st century may never materialize – not efficient enough…but here is a cool slice out of the Jettsons….

The US Postal Service has already ordered thousands of these transports and I imagine in the police will jump on this form of quiet and fast transportation as well. I also see this HT as a means for the elderly to get around easier. Wheelchairs are cumbersome and if you can still stand but walking is too difficult this HT will get you around town faster than if you could run………


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