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Ah, what fun it is to work in the digital domain! Some effects that used to be reserved for only the richest producers are now available for all. Let me give you an example. In the year 1983 two channels (i.e. Stereo) of Lexicon Reverb cost about $15,000-30,000. In the mid nineties two channels of TC reverb were around $5,000. Only a few were able to afford multiple reverb units in order to give the lead voice or lead instrument its own reverb completely seperate from the rest of the music. Some people had 4 or 5 such units which as you can see would be an investment of over $100,000!!

Nowadays the software versions of Lexicon and TC cost under $1,000 each and they are MORE versatile and programable than the old units…..and each has multiple channels – not just stereo……

And it is a lot of FUN to play with these reverbs…..pick a room shape….pick a size for this room…pick the height of the room…decide on the surface of the walls…etc. etc…

On the album Little Wing we used dozes of different reverbs which actually makes the album sound clearer and cleaner……and we have come up with some great new sounds for the upcoming lullaby album!!


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