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2002 is the first year of the rest of my career. It is a new beginning. This is the new stuff, this is my own deal and SSRI is my own record company. Now the buck stops here.

The first album to be released in March of 2002 by SSRI will be a solo album. It will be called: In the Arms of Love: Lullabies 4 Children + Adults
It is a quiet album without percussion and with lots of guitars. Relaxing, but not boring. Mellow yet engaging. A beautiful mind trip.
I played all of the instruments with the occassional synth played by Jon Gagan or Gary Lyons.

The second album will be released in June of 2002 under the name: FIESTA!
It will contain re-recordings of earlier songs (from 1990-1996) and some new material. The reasons for re-recording some of my earlier songs are these:
1. The improved sound quality overall. The new digitall equipment is SO much better than what I had to use a decade ago. It is amazing to hear comparisons!!!
2. I would like to show you how some of the songs have evolved over the years…..as the result of countless live performances!
3. To create 5.1 Surround Sound albums new and higher quality recordings are absolutely necessary.
4. I am sure my former record companies will release more compilation CDs and I would rather create a new compilation like this.
5. To re-record my songs means to own the recordings at last. All other masters are owned by Higher Octave and Epic Records.
6. To be able to use these melodies for new editions of EUPHORIA.

Here is a list of songs we have been recording for FIESTA!:
La Rosa Negra/Borrasca
Isla Del Sol
Heart Still/Beating
2 The Night
Reaching Out 2 U
Havana Club
Morning Arrival in Goa (New Bossa Nova Version)
Barcelona Nights
Dancing under the Moon
Turkish Night
Plus some new and yet untitled stuff…..


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