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Tonight we played at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater in Pompano Beach, Florida. Nice audience as always here in Pompano, but I must say the facility is falling apart. There is only one dirty toilet that has to be shared by the local crew, our crew and the band – everybody. There is also only one shower. And today someone from the local promoter’s crew forgot some of the parts for the motor that pulls the lighting rig up…..as a result we had to put our lights on the stage floor and our lighting designer had to spend an additional three hours reprogramming all of the lights to light upward instead of downward. And since there was no light from above we could not see well onstage and were being blinded by the light in front of us. I have no idea how the show looked from the audience point of view.

Wow, tonight was work, not play. Everybody in the band was giving it their all, but it was very difficult….and it certainly did not help that catering was awful today. I am telling you, if a situation is difficult but you’ve had a nice meal, maybe a glass of wine to wash it down with, you can nevertheless gather strength and make the best of it. If the local caterer’s idea of a cheese sandwich is a few slices of Kraft singles on a dry piece of white bread…..you are going to run out of inspiration, you know what I mean? I am glad that tonight’s show is over and look forward to playing in Clearwater tomorrow night. The Ruth Eckard Hall is beautiful and the catering rocks because they use Schmooze Inc…….


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