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I watched an interview with Afghan men on TV yesterday. They were being asked by a reporter why they were bringing opium to the West when the Koran didn’t allow drugs. The answer was something to the effect that it was complicated but that if the money they got for the opium was used against the non-believers then it was OK. Then one man was asked whether he would blow up a schoolbus if they were aked to. He answered that if the scholars told him to do that he would. The men kept referring to the Koran and to the islamic scholars that interpreted it for him. I kept wanting the reporter to ask the men whether they could read, because I got the sense that these men could not read the Koran themselves, but rather depended on the interpretation of a scholar. This reminded me of how the catholic church for the longest time spoke latin and the catholic priests were the interpreters that were the link between the Bible and the people. Without the ability to read there can be no freedom…..


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