Luna Negra XL 2001

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We are planning a fantastic show for this year. All of those people who loved the bigger band Luna Negra XL I toured with in 1997 and 1999 – it’s coming back. 2001 may be my last touring for a while and I want to put on a big show. We will travel with our own sound and lights again, and we will have some great musicians in the band. Calvin Hazen, who was in the band from 1992 until 1994, and who has lived in Spain playing Flamenco for the last few years will perform with us. Here is the line-up for this year:
OL – Guitar
Jon Gagan – Bass + Keyboard
Mark Clark – Percussion + Guitar
Michael Chavez- Drums + Percussion
Calvin Hazen – Guitar
Kanoa Kaluhiwa – Saxophone + Keyboard
Mike Middleton – Trumpet + Flugelhorn

The new album “Little Wing” will be released on May 15th. We will tour West-of-Santa Fe in June + July and East-of-Santa Fe in September + October. All dates will be published on our web site as soon as they are confirmed!


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