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If it’s getting cheaper to produce cd’s, why does the price for them continue to go up???
In regards to the majors it is because they are greedy, in regards to the independent labels – they have a higher price point because they don’t usually own their own manufacturing plants like the majors do and don’t sell as high a volume. To tell you the truth I am a little tired of the supposed price controversy of CDs for the following reasons:

1. Outside the USA, anywhere else in the World CDs are much more expensive than here.

2. It costs $20,000-$500,000 – and in case of some pop records much more – to record an album which obviously needs to be recouped BEFORE there is any profit. It’s like medicine…..the first little pill may cost millions of dollars in research, the second one costs only pennies to make……..

3. People seem to have no problem paying hundreds of dollars for an art print and upwards of $25 for a hardcover book – why this discussion of the price of a CD? I think a CD for around $15-18 that may last 10 to 20 years is not expensive.


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