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It seems to me that whenever any technology reaches the end of its life cycle the following happens:

The technology becomes less expensive and therefore more accessible to smaller companies while the large corporations develop the next technology.
Example: Compact Discs were sold starting in 1981 and as a result LPs (Vinyl) became cheaper and cheaper to produce. LP pressing plants were sold as manufacturers switched to the new CD technology. As LPs became less expensive to make, more independent record companies sprung up and were successful – of course the Punk and DIY movement had something to do with that as well…..

It seems to me we are at a similar crossroads now. CD is relatively old tech and has become cheaper to produce. The major labels are working on DVD Audio in order to sell the Beatles and Pink Floyd to the public for the umpteenth time – it’s always easier to release proven oldies than to find new artists – and small labels are cropping up everywhere producing amazing albums on CD. In the last year I have discovered a lot of small labels I had never heard of before. Some create great compilations, and some release music by original artists that wouldn’t fit into the roster of a major label or the very restricted playlist of radio.


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