Bad Smell

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Looking at press clippings about our last Christmas album I notice that many newspapers around the country don’t have their own music critics anymore. They simply re-print a review they get from a clearing house such as AP and thus the same review gets re-printed a few dozen times across the country. While there seem to appear more and more voices on the net there are less and less voices in our papers. A natural progression, I suppose.

One reviewer wrote that I must have been holding my nose while I recorded the music for the Christmas album, as he suggested would any listeners. While I don’t mind people telling me that I have bad taste, I do resent people suggesting that I am dishonest by recording music I don’t believe in. I like the album “christmas + santa fe”, I really do. Well, I wouldn’t have recorded it otherwise. Tell me I suck, but don’t tell me I held my nose while making this music.


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