Music transcends language

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There is no complete translation, only intuitive understanding is possible. “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” How can the intuitive understanding of music be enriched and improved? By opening oneself to the sound one can glean its meaning. As water flows down the brook and fills the bucket, meaning flows from music and fills us with emotions. I feel that there is no bad music, only music made with bad intentions. There is no good music, only music made with good intentions. Clever music can be boring because it was created with the intention of impressing people. The simplest music can be captivating because it was created from joy. I would like my music to originate from the depth of my emotions, from the joy that playing guitar gives me, and not from a need to impress.

Movie: “Under Suspicion” – riveting film with Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman.

Thought: Mother Theresa regarded herself as a pencil in the hands of God writing a love letter to the world.


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