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For me the goal is to make my mixture of musical styles so delicious, so attractive as to be irresistible. Yes, I get hatemail from people who think I do something to ruin Flamenco, but most listeners are seduced by the music and enjoy this new mix of tradition and cultures. The most bitter people are American guitarists who perform Spanish Flamenco pieces faithful and to the letter and…..that reminds of a little story.

In the first half of this century an American Jazz big band went on tour in France. They checked out a local Jazz band and found that the French drummer was using a woodblock instead of a kick drum and the trumpet player had a “funny” sound. American drummers used woodblocks only for recordings because in those days the sound of a big kick drum could sometimes propel the needle out of the groove it was cutting. The French drummer was playing the woodblock because he was immitating what he heard on record and because he didn’t know that American Jazz drummers used a kickdrum for live-shows. The trumpet player had a funny sound because he was reproducing the sound of a trumpet as it came through the grammophone……


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