Eight Shows into the Tour

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Eight shows are behind us now. The band sounds wonderful and everybody plays very well. Michael Chavez is coming up with some amazing Bongo solos and Kanoa is playing a fantastic solo at the end of Barcelona Nights!!

Here is something I don’t understand: Why do people insist on taking photos at concerts, even after being asked NOT to use flash photography? Those photos, taken with point and shoot cameras from a distance, will probably not look very good anyway and they do disturb the band. We are onstage trying to create a mood and suddenly there is a rude awakening and it feels like a press conference…..In Hanford it seemed even worse because people insisted on running up to the stage and taking pictures from a closer range. The music WILL NOT sound as good when we keep getting shocked with flash. NOT everything needs to be documented!

At our show at Humphrey’s in San Diego a couple of months ago I received a note from a fan whose son is studying the guitar. She gave me the name of her son’s teacher and mentioned that I would of course know him because he had played in my band. Hm, I do remember everyone who has played in this band, especially the four guitar players who played with us at one time or another. The son’s teacher, whose name doesn’t need to be mentioned, and who may indeed be very capable and a great guitar teacher, has never played guitar in this band nor do I remember ever having met him. There seem to be a lot of guys who have played in my band or know me personally that I have never met.


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