Flying with Equipment

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At first the woman at the Air Canada check-in at the National airport in DC at 8:30am tells us there is no way our luggage will fit on their plane. But it does and we arrive in Toronto on schedule only to find Canada’s slowest but very friendly bureaucrat issuing our work visas which of course results in us missing our connecting flight. But there is another flight to Vancouver an hour later at 2:15 post meridian and – maybe our luck is changing – Air Canada surprises us with Executive Class seats for everybody and we can stretch out and catch some sleep….only to discover in Vancouver that all of our luggage was left behind in Toronto…..

We file a claim for 14 pieces of luggage and climb on the chartered bus that takes us to the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and to our hotel….That’s truly a beautiful ferry ride, this journey from Vancouver to Victoria!!

At the hotel n Victoria we discover that the electric bass guitar that was sent via FedEx from Santa Fe on Friday has not arrived at the hotel where we were supposed to find it today!!! Probably held up in Customs! Everything is going wrong for us on this tour. Mark says that we haven’t had any bad travel luck in 10 years and maybe it was time to pay some dues…

Interesting fact: Dan starts whistling a happy tune when he feels the need to smoke but can’t. Jon tells me that once on a flight back from Australia Dan woke up 5 hours before arriving in L.A. and whistled the whole remaining 5 hours…. : )


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