Upright Bass

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We all meet @ 6:30am at our office and leave for the airport in ABQ. Today’s flights will take us to Dallas and from there to Washington DC. We arrive in DC around 6pm and find out that we have no transportation because our appearance on BET was cancelled while we were in the air today (it’s a long story which can’t be told at this time). After confirming our hotel reservations KA arranges to get 3 station wagon taxis to take us from the airport to the hotel.

Half hour after arriving at the hotel we get a phone call from Jon, whose 105 year old German upright acoustic bass was severely damaged by Delta Airlines. The top of the neck and scroll was totally snapped off! Judging from the damage on the flight case the whole case was toppelled over and dropped. Now we’ll have to send the bass home for repair and he’ll have to use his electric fretless bassguitar without rehearsal on Sunday in Victoria, Canada……after another big haul from DC to Vancouver tomorrow….p>

Anyway today on the tube there was a rerun of last year’s MTV awards – hadn’t seen it before – and who was the first person KORN thanked after receiving their video award???? Al Masocco!! The former Epic product manager who worked all of my albums since 1991 and all of Korns albums as well and also my favorite record company person in the world.


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