Honey Bears + Sopapillas

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Travel Tips. Santa Fe. Part One:

Maybe you have visited Santa Fe before? Maybe you have wondered why New Mexican restaurants often have little plastic honey bears on the tables? Well, one of the New Mexican specialties, something I have never seen down in Old Mexico, is the Sopapilla, which is really similar to Native American Fry Bread. And the honey is on the table so you can break the sopapilla open and squeeze some honey into the air pocket inside. It’s deep fried and probably not very healthy, but does it taste great!!


  1. Tara

    Sopapillas are so awesome! I love the little honey bears cause the are totally awesome!

  2. Sarah

    When I was a kid I lived in Texas. We always ate at this little Mexican restaurant (the Sopapillas were my favorite). To this day I by honey bears because of those memories. No other honey will do!


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