Sessions at West 54th + Bravo!

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1. We flew from Orlando, Florida, to Manhattan to tape Sessions at West 54th Street for PBS. It was freezing in New York and nobody had warned me that they keep the studio at meat-locker temperatures as well. I think you can see me shiver and tremble during my interview with John Hiatt!! I was wearing a t-shirt and he was wearing a shirt and a thick camelhair jacket!! No wonder he was comfortable. The audience for the taping was great…..Also, the Sessions crew is very professional and were a joy to work with. We will let you know the airdate of our performance as soon as we will get it – or you can check out to find their schedule. I believe it might air sometime next Spring.

2. The Pompano Beach Amphitheater was fun, as always, and it was great to be warm after the cold day in New York. It was a beautiful night and after Mark jumped down from the stage during ‘Spanish Steps’ a few hundred people came forward and danced until the end. I guess the show was a release for us after the tension of wanting to do well for TV the night before…..and the band sounded great…..

3. On my way to the airport in Jacksonville, Florida, on my way to Toronto, I overheard an airline pilot talking about the lack of humidy in hotels and that his solution was to run the shower in his hotelroom for 45 minutes to an hour until all of the windows in the room were fogged up and it was humid enough for him to go to sleep… about wasting water! He was clueless….

4. I arrived in Toronto barefoot in sandals and a t-shirt and found that the temperatures were in the high forties…..

5. On Thursday we taped a special for the BRAVO! channel. I believe there is a connection between the U.S. Bravo and the Canadian Bravo channels and this special might show up in the U.S.A. at some point as well..


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